From farm to counter

Our multi-award winning butchers stock meat from carefully selected local farms.


Sourced locally from lochfield farm, ⅔ miles from the store. 

Farmers Bryan and Janet breed the very best Limousin cattle with Shorthorn bulls to supply us with Beef which we can trace right back to the field. Grass fed

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Sourced locally from Auchinlay Farm, Dunblane. 

Farmed by Rab Paterson at his family farm in Dunblane. Very best beltex lambs

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Outdoor reared and 100% Specially Selected, Scotch Pork.

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Oh, and did we tell you our products have won some awards..


Yes, our beef grazes the fields locally from April - October and is brought inside of the colder winter months and fed silage which the farmer cuts from their own fields.

Yes, our lamb is 100% Scotch and comes from Dunblane, only 7 miles away.

Yes, how ever we make several gluten free alternatives including Sausages, Burgers, Lorne Sausage, Haggis Black Pudding and steak pies.

Yes, where we can we aim to stock local, along with a few staples like brie de meaux. Our 2 most local cheeses, Strathearn & wee comrie are made in comrie, only 24 miles away.

All sausages, burgers pies and haggis are hand made by our Butchers.