NOW OPEN - Farrah's Fresh Milk Vending

NOW OPEN - Farrah's Fresh Milk Vending

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    We are delighted to welcome Farrah's Fresh Milk to The Smiddy!

    NOW OPEN - Farrah's Milk Vending is the culmination of 5 years hard work from the Brewster Family. Their mission is to bring farm fresh, glass bottle, whole milk to a wider audience!

    Wester Borland Farm is located 6 miles from The Smiddy, and is a third generation dairy farm. Alan and Sophie currently run the operation, with a little help from their three children! Their wish is to make dairy farming sustainable and exciting enough for their children to continue into, in their furture.

    Sold via a brand new vending machine, The Smiddy feel confident there are many benefits to supporting this venture:

    - Firstly, it is an incredible product! Milked, filtered, pasteurised and then delivered fresh every morning!

    - Green credentials - as it is cutting down on single use plastic- glass bottles or own bottles can be bought or re-used. Also minimises transport miles..

    - Supporting other local businesses.

    - Zero waste - any milk not purchased that day goes back to the farm for the calves!

    As well as offering fresh, local whole milk - there will be numerous flavours that can be added to make a milkshake of your choice! These are offered in 440ml or 1L serving, with free cups if you do not want a full litre.

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